Make it a twofer road trip

Sept. 29 2017

Downtown Escondido, CA

Nitro Night

Cacklecar displays, static fire ups and faux push starts

Spectators and media contact, Steve Waldron
Participants contact Connie Braun, 760-310-5648

Sept. 30 2017

Barona Drag Strip, Barona, CA

Nitro Revival

Cacklecar displays, static fire ups, burnouts, and push starts all day long. See flyer.

For questions contact:


Contact: Nitro Revial Info



03.13.17 For Immediate Release

Inaugural Nitro Revival and Racers Reunion Will Fire Up on September 30

SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- The cars that put the cackle in The California Hot Rod Reunion’s famed Cacklefest have found a new home at Barona Drag Strip where this September 30th they’ll take center stage at the inaugural Nitro Revival and Racers Reunion celebrating the history of San Diego drag racing and hot rodding.

Presented by the Cacklecar Owners Alliance, Inc., the 9 a.m.-until-9 p.m. event will salute the golden age of drag racing with static starts at will, side-by-side push starts, and old-style smokey burnouts. The event will also feature exhibition runs by approved vintage nitro cars, a double dose of the classic cars that created the American hot rod culture and, under the lights and on the track, the “line of fire,” a massive multi-car cackle.

In addition, there will be ample time for bench racing with legendary drag race personalities, and sharing memories of iconic tracks and unforgettable racers now departed; a time when San Diego County boasted Paradise Mesa, Ramona, Holtsville, Carlsbad and San Diego Raceway, each featuring the cars and drivers that race fans today still find so mesmerizing.

For those who come early, downtown Escondido, Calif., will be the site on Friday, Sept. 29, of Nitro Night featuring some of the same racers and race cars who will move to the track on Saturday.

Barona Drag Strip is 1/8-mile drag racing facility located on the Barona Indian Reservation in Lakeside Calif., near the Barona Resort and Casino on Wildcat Canyon Road. For more information, email

Additional details of the event including specific racers and race cars will be forthcoming.