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Winkel, Trapp & Fuller MagiCar AA/FD Bill Pitts
Custom Body Enterprises AA/FC Ross Howard (Oklahoma)
Gruzen-Newhouse AA/FA Joel Gruzen
Schultz & Glenn AA/FD Troy Glenn & Gerber Family
Tommy Ivo's Barnstormer AA/FD Connie Braun & Kol Johnson
Speed Sport Special A/FAR Red Greth (Arizona)
Skinner, Crosser & Jobe AA/FD Bob Higginson
Scorcher  AA/FD Dennis Young (Australia)
Masters & Richter AA/FD Roger Lee
Beaver Hunter AA/FA Joe Thomas
Groundshaker, Jr. AA/FA Glenn Way
Warren, Coburn & Miller AA/FD Mike Aaby & Alan Workman (Arizona)
Ray Higley’s Climax AA/FA Scott Krenzer (Arizona)
Iron Horse AA/FD Sam Chastain
Varmit AA/FD Jim Wearanga
Ingenue AA/FC John Lipori
Hustler VI AA/FD Don Prieto
Ewell, Bell, Stecker & Olson AA/FD John Kiley
Tommy Ivo Buick A/D Don Prieto
Contorelli Racing AA/FD Robert Contorelli
Bishop, Herbert & Raynor AA/FD Allen Jaynes
1968 Dunn & Reath Rainbow  AA/FD John Neas (Oklahoma)
Don Garlits Swamp Rat III AA/FD Sonny Messner
Tocco, Harper & Garten AA/FA Mike Tocco
Green Monster A/D Jon Rowley (Arizona)
Kansas John Wiebe AA/FD Don Love (Washington)
Crane Racing  AA/FD Brett Crane
Boyd Penington AA/FA Ron Penington
Burkholder Bros. AA/FA Harry Burkholder & Robert Reel
Tom Hoover "Fishbowl" AA/FD Steve Andersen (Minnesota)
Cloverleaf Aviation AA/FD Bruce Dyda
Jerry Ruth AA/FD Jerry Ruth (Washington)
Freight Train AA/GD John Peters
Dailey & Johnson AA/FD Ted Tine (Connecticut)
Eagle Electric AA/FD Frank & Jason Rupert
"Gentleman Joe" Schubeck AA/FD Joe Schubeck
Cross, Mann & King Jr.Fuel Jerry King
Connie Kalitta "Bounty Hunter" AA/FD Allen Bridges
Sour Sisters- Safford, Gaide & Ratican AA/FD Carolyn Safford & Ken Safford, Jr.
Hippo & Poindexter AA/FD Eddie Buck (Missouri)
Speed Sport II AA/FMR John Paxson
Blown Income AA/FD Mike Elsberry
Flathead Jack AA/Flathead Dragster Flathead Jack
“Ingenue” Buick Dealers AA/FC John Lipori
Pure Hell AA/FA Rich Gurasco

Static Display: OWNER
Little Red Wagon Mike Mantel
Hemi Under Glass Mike Mantel


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Tickets include a Saturday General Admission, Paddock Ticket and Ace's Place Parking Pass

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Monterey has more non-racing things to do, pricy and safer. Salinas has a bigger mix of hotel/motels to choose from, and is less of a tourist spot.

Salinas Hotels

Monterey Hotels


Personalities and/or Drag Racing Royalty

*Member International Drag Racing Hall of Fame

 "Big Daddy" Don Garlits*

"TV Tommy" Ivo*

 Ed "Ace" McCulloch*

Tom Hoover*

 Ed "Isky" Iskenderian*

"Wild Bill" Shrewsberry*

 Herm Petersen*

 Walt Stevens

 Marvin "Who" Graham*

 Tom Jobe*

 Steve Gibbs*

 Don Ewald

 Bill Schultz*

 Gerry "The Hunter" Glenn

  Bob "Floyd" Muravez*

Jerry "The King" Ruth*

  Kent Fuller*

Frank "The Beard" Bradley*

  Red Greth*

Gary Beck*

  John Peters*

Rich Guasco*

  Richard Tharp*

Frank Rupert

 "Gentleman Joe" Schubeck*

Dennis Holding*

 Jim Fox*

Dave Uyehara*

Della Reath*

 Harry "Handgrenade" Hibler*

Rob Bruins

 Chic Cannon

Kelly Brown*

 Kenny Logan

Larry Ofria

 Roy Brizio

Kenny Youngblood*

Dwight Hughes

Don Berry

Special Guests

Mike Dunn - Event Announcer

Geno Gastelum & Harley - Pit Control Coordinator
Cloy Fitzgerald - Tech Coordinator



Race Director/Producer

Steve Gibbs


Don Ewald - Media Director

Merchandise & PR

Cindy Gibbs

If you would like to be a sponsor for this historical event contact:

Steve Gibbs

Cindy Gibbs

Don Ewald


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