Winkel, Trapp & Fuller Magicar AA/FD Bill Pitts
Custom Body Enterprises AA/FC Ross Howard (Oklahoma)
Newhouse Special AFMR Joel Gruzen
Schultz & Glenn AA/FD Troy Glenn
Tommy Ivo Barnstormer AA/FD Ron Johnson
Chris Karamesines Chizler AA/FD Ron Johnson
Shubert & Herbert AA/FD Ron Johnson
Smirnoff Spec. AA/FD Joe Passalaqua
Speed Sport Special AAFMR Red Greth (Arizona)
Ed Pink Old Master AA/FD Pete Eastwood
Robert Contrelli AA/FD Robert Contorelli
Gentleman Joe Schubeck AA/FD Joe Schubeck (Nevada)
Soapy Sales Watchdog AA/FD Tommy Allen
Don Garlits Swamp Rat III AA/FD Sonny Messner
Tocco, Harper & Garten AA/FA Mike Tocco
Sidewinder A/D Jack Gillett
Cook & Bedwell A/FD Ray Lake 
Hustler V AA/FD Don Prieto
TV Tommy Ivo Buick A/D Don Prieto
Steinegger & Eshenbaugh AA/FD Al Eshenbaugh (Arizona)
Kansas John Wiebe AA/FD Wayne Patrick
Ewell, Bell, Stecker & Olson AA/FD John Kiley
Skinner, Crosser & Jobe AA/FD Bob Higginson
Ash Marshall Scorcher  AA/FD Dennis Young (Australia)
Southwind  AA/FD Jay Carpenter
Masters & Richter AA/FD Roger Lee
Li'l Ol' Whinemaker AA/FC Ed Philipp (Arizona)
Checkmate AA/FD Jerry Bivens
Walton, Cerny & Moody TF Hal Sanguinetti (Arizona)
Vagabond 88 AA/FD Anderson Family
Beaver Hunter AA/FA Joe Thomas
Nitro Therapy AA/FD Geri Tarvin (Missouri)
Groundshaker, Jr. AA/FA Glenn Way
Dailey & Johnson AA/FD Ted Tine (Connecticut)
Warren, Coburn & Miller AA/FD Mike Aaby & Alan Workman (Arizona)
Bennie "Wizard" Osborn AA/FD John Mullen (Oklahoma)
Howard Cams Twin Bear AA/D Johansen Brothers
Thunder Chief AA/FD Terry Maestrejuan
Cloverleaf Aviation AA/FD Bruce Dyda
Kuhl & Olson AA/FD Mike Kuhl
Wilton & Doss AA/FD Bubby Wilton
Tony Nancy Sizzler AA/FD John Neas (Oklahoma)
Burkholder Brothers AA/FA Hairy Burkholder
Ray Higley’s Climax AA/FA Scott Krenzer (Arizona)
Shirley Muldowney  TF Dave Mandella
John Wiebe (Violin Car) AA/FD Don Love & Lynn Bruch (Washington)
Cross, Mann & King Jr. Fuel Jerry King (Washington)
Don Bowman Racing AA/FD Don Bowman
Dean Engineering AA/FD Jake McCloud
Hippo & Poindexter AA/FD Eddie Buck
Scorpion V A/D Bill and Blake Crosby (Texas)
Gallio & Cook AA/FD Gallio Motorsports
Comanche AA/FD Ernie Broughton (Mass.)
Wilely Coyote Flathead A/D Wayne Ludington (Arizona)
Meltdown Special A/D Zac Ryno
Cardoza & Lear Little Blue Coupe B/C Fred Lear
Merek Chertkow AA/fuel Coupe Merek Chertkow

New Entries will be added as received.


Personalities (or Characters - your call):

 Ed "Ace" McCulloch

 "TV Tommy" Ivo

 Ed "Isky" Iskenderian

 Tom "Mongoose" McEwen

 Mike Kuhl

 Carl Olson

 Red Greth

 Herm Petersen

 Roland Leong

 Marvin Graham

 Bruce Crower

 Dode Martin

 Mike Clancy

 Tom Jobe

 Steve Gibbs

 Don Ewald

 Bill Schultz

 Gerry "The Hunter" Glenn

 Boogie Scott

 Kent Fuller

 Gary Beck

 “Wild Bill” Shrewsberry

 “Gentleman Joe” Schubeck

 ”Watchdog” Tommy Allen

 Dick Lechien

 David Pace

 Jack Jones

 Spider Razon

Harry Hibler

 Don Hampton

 Kenny Youngblood

 Dennis Holding

Jim Fox

Doug Thorley

Herb Ries

Steve Porter
Don "The Beachcomber" Johnson

 Merek Chertkow
Surviving members of the original "Bean Bandits"


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Special Guests

Geno & Harley - Pit Control Coordinator
Cloy Fitzgerald - Tech Coordinator
Jon Lundberg - Honorary Chief Announcer

Mike English - Event Announcer
Art Hayward - Honorary Timing Director
Ed McCulloch - Security
Kevin Hoffsmith - Super Fan


Approved Photographers/Media

Don Ewald - Media Director
Bob Brown - Lead
Dan Kaplan
Pam Conrad
Darrell Conrad
Dave Kommel
Mike Bieke

Dave Wallace Jr.
Jim Brandau
Keith Hudak
Jerry West
Lou Hart
Joel Gelfand
Ken Hughes
Tim Marshall

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These Media permissions are NOT inclusive for the Escondido Nitro Night.
Media for Friday is very limited per event promoter.
Contact Don Ewald for limitations and exceptions.
Media Director


Exhibition Runs: OWNER
"High Heaven"  AA/FA Hughie Callen
"Godzilla" AA/FA George Doty/Rodney Flournoy
"Wild Fire" AA/FA Dave Hix / Todd Miller
"Revelation" Modified Fuel Roadster Stormy Byrd
"GreenGo" Fuel Altered Coupe Randy Winkle
** Can make 330 ft exhibition runs

Static Display: OWNER
Dyno Don Ugly Duckling Thomas Tuso
Ingenue John Lipori
Hemi-Under-Glass Mike Mantel
California Stud AA/FC Dave Bowman









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