Nitro Revival 3 Photo Preview

Reporting on one of the largest one day events in vintage drag racing history is a daunting task. We feel obliged to offer an extensive overview from Irwindale not only for the fans who where there and couldn't possibly see everything going on, many times simultaneously, but for those who were unable to attend.

The following images are merely small random samples of whats to come. Our coverage will feature a predicted 2000+ photos that will encompass an unprecedented emotional nitro filled day in drag racing history. It will feature the work of many photojournalists who chose to contribute to our coverage.

Here's a taste of Nitro Revival 3. ID's and descriptions will be included in the final version which unlike FB etc. will be at hand for years to come,



RIP Gloria "Gordy" Gibbs


RIP Ron "Big Yohns" Johnson



































































































































Again, this was just a very small ramdom teaser to make you want more. The best photos are yet to come. Ivo grin.