Nitro Revival 2022 Cackle Guidelines




Prior to any engine starts at Nitro Revival, all participating cars must have complied with a pre-event inspection. Inspections will be conducted by experienced personnel. Inspection is for Cackle activity only.

Proper Waivers and Releases must be signed prior to any engine starts - both static and push start.

All vehicles must be in good working order, with all components in proper mechanical condition - including frame construction, brakes, steering, wheels and tires, etc.


Must have functional, positive action, ON/OFF switch located in driver's compartment - capable of de-energizing the entire ignition system. Driver must be able to easily access and operate ignition switch when seated in normal driving position, with all belts secured. "Momentary contact" switch prohibited. Magneto switch is to be used to shut off engine if fuel shut off does not function properly.

Throttle / Linkage:

Each car must have a foot throttle incorporating a positive acting return spring - attached directly to the carburetor/injector throttle arm. A positive stop or override prevention must be used to keep linkage from passing over center and sticking in an open position. System must be free of binding.Throttle pedals are required to have toe strap.

Fuel Shut Off / Cable:

Each car must be equipped with a fully functional, quick action, fuel shut off valve. Valve must be positioned at the outlet/pressure side of fuel pump. Valve must be controlled with positive action device/cable - where driver has full ON to OFF control.
Driver must be able to easily access and operate fuel shut off system when seated in normal driving position, with all belts secured.

Headers/Fuel Drain Holes:

Cars equipped with "Zoomie" type headers, must have a minimum 1/8th inch fuel drain hole in each pipe - located at the lowest point of the bend.

Clutch / Linkage:

All cars must be equipped with automotive type clutch, using single or multiple disks. Clutches with fully operational centrifugal function (CrowerGlide, etc.) prohibited**. Use of supplemental counterweights prohibited. Spring pressure is not to exceed normal operation requirement to start engine. Clutch adjustment settings must provide for full disengagement at any and all RPM.

Clutch linkage must be in proper working order, and provide driver with full range of control. Driver must have adequate leverage/control of clutch pedal to easily and fully disengage clutch at any and all RPM.
**Cars equipped with functional centrifugal clutches would be allowed to perform static start only if driveline is fully disconnected.

Drivelines must be completely disengaged during any static starts when drive wheels are touching the ground - either by disconnecting coupler, or use of "In and out" device. Exception would be when undergoing a mandated tech inspection static start - in a designated, secure area.

Vehicles not equipped with driveline disconnect devices must have drive wheels off the ground - using fixed position jackstand devices, for static starts in populated areas.


During any push start procedures, driver must wear full apparel, including jacket, gloves, helmet, mask, and goggles. Full length pants required. Apparel should be from era the car raced.

During all static starts - all drivers must wear a protective jacket, gloves, full face mask, goggles, annd full length pants. Helmet not required, but recommended for photo purposes.


Seat belts and shoulder harnesses must be in good condition, and fully utilized during any push start procedure.


All drivers participating in push start Cackle events must have demonstrated full capability to operate car, with multiple starts required to be included in feature events. Drivers may be asked to demonstrate ability to locate, and operate, all controls.

Drivers of all Cackle cars, and drivers of all push vehicles must possess valid State Driver's License.

Static starts - Recommended a driver must be seated in Cackle cars for all engine starts.

It is mandatory that you "back down" your engines immediately prior to all nitro engine starts. Have the necessary tools available when fire-ups are away from your pit area.

If you encounter any difficulty in starting your engine - Give it up! If you engine does not sound "right" after being fired...Shut it off! Find the problem. Don't hesitate to discuss issues with fellow participants.


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