Custom Body Enterprises AA/FC Ross Howard (Oklahoma)  Marvin Graham
Tom Hoover “Fishbowl” AA/FD Steve Andersen  Bob Muravez
Ratican, Jackson & Stearns A/FA Ron Stearns & Bill Jackson  Ron Stearns
Ed Pink's “Old Master” AA/FD Pete Eastwood  Pete Eastwood
Brissette & Sutherland AA/FD Roger Lee  Roger Lee
Tommy Ivo Buick  A/D Don Prieto  Tommy Ivo
Burkholder Bros. AA/FA Harry Burkholder & Robert Reel  Robert Reel
Freight Train AA/GD John Peters  Brad Peters
Newhouse Special AA/FA Joel Gruzen  Dave Gruzen
"Gentleman Joe" Schubeck AA/FD Joe Schubeck  Joe Schubeck
Boyd Penington's “Smog Rat”  AA/FA Ron Penington  Ron Penington
Frank Cannon's 'Hustler VI” AA/FD Don Prieto  Don Prieto
Don Garlits “Swamp Rat 3”  AA/FD Sonny Messner  Sonny Messner
“Groundshaker, Jr”  AA/FA Glenn Way  Glenn Way
Winkel, Trapp & Fuller “Magicar” AA/FD Bill Pitts  John Strom
Bivens & Fisher “Checkmate” AA/FD Jerry Bivens  TBA
"Iron Horse" AA/FD Sam Chastain  Sam Chastain
Ewell, Bell & Stecker AA/FD John Kiley  Mike Smith
"Li’l Ol’ Whine Maker" AA/FC Ed Philipp  Eddie Pauling
Warren-Coburn-Miller AA/FD Mike Aaby  Alan Workman
Speed Sport Special A/FMR Red Greth  Kenton Greth
Yeakel Plymouth Special AA/FD Baney, Rossi & Goebel  Paul Rossi
"Blown Income" AA/FD Mike Elsberry  TBA
Mustache Gang AA/FD Neil O’Kane  Neil O’Kane
Gallio Motorsports AA/FD Robert Gallio  Robert Gallio
Ventura Motors AA/SR Hugh Tucker  Hugh Tucker
Prentiss Cunningham AA/FD Robert Contorelli  Robert Contorelli
Wilton & Doss AA/FD Bubby Wilton  Deyon Young
Scorpion V AA/FD Blake Crosby  Blake Crosby
Dean Engineering AA/FD Jake & Marilyn McCloud  TBA
Tommy Ivo Barnstormer AA/FD Connie Braun & Kol Johnson  Tommy Ivo
Tocco, Harper & Garten AA/FA Mike Tocco  Don Cooper
Howard Cams Twin Bear AA/D Don Johansen  TBA
Kuhl & Olson AA/FD Mike Kuhl  Carl Olson
Over The Hill Gang AA/FA Troy Glenn  Mike Halstead
Gary Cochran “Mr. C” AA/FMR Steve Poe, Robert Casado & Fred Seay  Robert Casado
Larry Huff’s Soapy Sales AA/FD Roland Kleinsorge  "Watchdog” Tommy Allen
Walton, Cerny & Moody TF Hal Sanguinetti TBA
Cloverleaf Aviation AA/FD Bruce Dyda Bruce Dyda
Skinner, Crosser & Jobe “Surfers” AA/FD Bob Higginson TBA
Beaver Hunter AA/FA Joe Thomas TBA
Eagle Electric AA/FD Frank & Jason Rupert Jason Rupert
Horsepower Engineering AA/FD Doug Robinson Doug Robinson


Personalities, Characters
and/or other Drag Racing Royalty

*Member International Drag Racing Hall of Fame

 Ed "The Ace" McCulloch*

 Don "The Snake" Prudhomme*

 Ed "Isky" Iskenderian*

 "TV Tommy" Ivo*

 Gary Beck*

Tom Hoover*

 "Gentleman Joe" Schubeck*

"Wild Bill" Shrewsberry*

 Herm Petersen*

 Ed Pink*

 Marvin "Who" Graham*

 Tom Jobe*

 Steve Gibbs*

 Richard Tharp*

  Bob "Floyd" Muravez*

 Bob Brandt*

 Jack Jones

 Larry “Okie Smoker” Brown

  Red Greth*

 Don Hampton*

  John Peters*

 Walt Rhoades

 Brad Anderson

 Dave McClelland*

 Gene Winfield

Dennis Holding*

 Jim Fox*

 Harry Hibler*

 Roland Leong*

Vance Hunt*

Kelly Brown*

Mike Kuhl*

Paula Murphy*

 Carl Olson*

Kenny Youngblood*

Don Long*

Spider Razon*

Jim Brissette*

Gerry Glenn

Bill Schultz*

 Don Ewald

 Cole Foster

Dan Richins*

 Rex Pearmain*

Tom Flenniken

 "Grand Daddy" Joe Smith

Larry Ofria

 Mighty Mike Van Sant

 Butch Leal*

Larry Sutton*

 Gary Read

Gary Southern

 Carl Swift

Bubby Wilton

 “Bones” Balogh

Walt Stevens

 Don Ratican

 Don Gaide



03.25.2019: Event Producer Steve Gibbs is proud to announce that Nitro Revival will be featuring four of the best Nostalgia Top Fuel Dragsters on the planet for autographs and exhibition runs. They include 2018 NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Racing Top Fuel Champion Mendy Fry and the High Speed Motorsports record holding dragster.

Also visit with 2019 March Meet Top Fuel Champion, Adam Sorokin and the Champion Speed shop car.

The four car show will be filled out by Brendan Murry in his "Running Wild" fueler and Rick White in the Neal & White car.


Exhibition Cars

Troy Glenn's Over The Hill Gang AA/FA

Kazanjian Lemon and Konno Mustang Funny Car



Mark Gewertz

Bob Brown

Dan Kaplan

Lou Hart

Paul Sadler

 Jamie Shores Fraijo

Pam Conrad

 Darrell Conrad

Jerry Garrison

 Doug Adams

 Chad Cline

 Joel Gelfand

 Ken Hughes

 Sal Sigana Jr.

 Jerry West

 Drew Hardin

 John Shanks

 Ken Sanders

 Jim White

 Howard Koby

 Kurt Borden

 Rich Lawce

 Patty Gomez

 Roger Rohrdanz

 Bob Barry

 Trevor Bossaert

 Dave Wallace Jr.

 Mike Basso

 Dave Kommel

 Joe Walla




Champion Hospitality Tent sponsored by:
Jim McLennan Foundation & Champion Speed Shop

Event Sponsor


Race Director/Producer

Steve Gibbs

Merchandise & PR

Cindy Gibbs


Don Ewald - Media Director





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