NOTICE: Nitro Revival is not considered a “Mega Event” due to the fact that it is fully outdoors, and attendance will not exceed 10,000 people. Accordingly, and in full compliance with Los Angeles County Guidelines, (see link below) neither masks, nor proof of COVID-19 vaccination, will be required.

Hosting Big Events in LA County





Custom Body Enterprises AA/FC Ross Howard (Oklahoma)  Marvin Graham
Ratican, Jackson & Stearns A/FA Ron Stearns & Bill Jackson  Ron Stearns
Samurai AA/FD Pete Eastwood  Pete Eastwood
Tommy Ivo Buick  A/D Don Prieto  Tommy Ivo
Burkholder Bros. AA/FA Harry Burkholder & Robert Reel  Robert Reel
Freight Train AA/GD John Peters  Brad Peters
Newhouse Special AA/FA Joel Gruzen  Dave Gruzen
"Gentleman Joe" Schubeck AA/FD Joe Schubeck  Joe Schubeck
Boyd Penington's “Smog Rat”  AA/FA Ron Penington  Ron Penington
Frank Cannon's 'Hustler VI” AA/FD Don Prieto  Don Prieto
Don Garlits “Swamp Rat 3”  AA/FD Sonny Messner  Sonny Messner
“Groundshaker, Jr”  AA/FA Glenn Way  Dale Kraskey
Winkel, Trapp & Fuller “Magicar” AA/FD Bill Pitts  John Strom
Bivens & Fisher “Checkmate” AA/FD Jerry Bivens  TBA
Ewell, Bell & Stecker AA/FD John Kiley  Mike Smith
"Li’l Ol’ Whine Maker" AA/FC Ed Philipp  Eddie Pauling
Speed Sport Special A/FMR Kenton Greth  Kenton Greth
Yeakel Plymouth Special AA/FD Baney, Rossi & Goebel  Paul Rossi
Flamin’ Frank Pedregon AA/FCoupe Mike Elsberry  TBA
Mustache Gang AA/FD Neil O’Kane  Neil O’Kane
Prentiss Cunningham AA/FD Robert Contorelli  Robert Contorelli
Wilton & Doss AA/FD Bubby Wilton  Deyon Young
Scorpion V AA/FD Blake Crosby  Blake Crosby
Dean Engineering AA/FD McCloud Family  Jimmy Christianson
Tommy Ivo Barnstormer AA/FD Ron Johnson Family Racing  Tommy Ivo
Tocco, Harper & Garten AA/FA Mike Tocco  Don Cooper
Kuhl & Olson AA/FD Lynn Rose  Bill Tidwell
Walton, Cerny & Moody TF Hal Sanguinetti TBA
Cloverleaf Aviation AA/FD Bruce Dyda Bruce Dyda
Skinner, Crosser & Jobe “Surfers” AA/FD Bob Higginson TBA
Eagle Electric AA/FD Rupert Family Jason Rupert
Soapy Sales AA/FD Kleinsorge & Allen Tommy Allen
John Landry AA/FD John Landry M.J. Landry
Billy Lynch AA/FD John Lipori Al Segrini
Kansas John Wiebe AA/FD Wayne Patrick Wayne Patrick
Chris Karamesines "ChiZler" AA/FD Kol Johnson TBA
Don Hampton AA/FD Don Hampton Don Hampton
Little Blue Coupe AA/C Fred Lear Fred Lear
Marvin Schwartz " Anaconda" AA/FD Bob Hirsch Bob Hirsch
K&G Speed Shop AA/FD John Neas Ron Rivero
Tony Nancy "Sizzler" AA/FD John Neas Harry Hibler
Scotty’s Muffler AA/FD Scott Cochran TBA
Creighton Hunter Slice-O-Pie A/D Rick Kersh  Rick Kersh
Baney, Rapp, Lisa & Rossi AA/FD  Frank Baney  Tyler Baney
Thunder Chief AA/FD  Terry Maestrejuan  Terry Maestrejuan
Mastercar AA/FD  Mario Garcia  Mario Garcia
 Olde Timer AA/FD  Jim Frye  TBA
 "Hell Fire” AA/FC  Jim Shue  Doug Davenport
Freeman & Sons AA/FD  Danny Larson  Danny Larson
 Southwind AA/FD  Jay Carpenter  Mike Clancy
 Orion AA/FC  Bryan Thatcher  Bryan Thatcher
 Cross, Mann & King J/F  Jerry King  Jerry King
 Masters & Richter AA/FD  Roger Lee  Roger Lee
 Waterman & Hampshire AA/FD  Ron Hampshire  Ron Hampshire
 Tommy Larkin Tribute AA/FD  Tommy Larkin Jr.  Tommy Larkin Jr.
 John Wiebe AA/FD  Don Love  Don Love
 Warren, Coburn & Miller AA/FD  David Culp  TBA
 Caspary, Stokey & Hampshire AA/FD  John Phillips  TBA
 Northwind AA/FD  Mike Channing  TBA
 Tom Hoover “Fishbowl” AA/FD  Greg Barta  Bob Muravez
 The Vagabond AA/FD  Rachelle  Anderson-Cook &  Jessica  Anderson-Kennedy  TBA
 Groundshaker II AA/FD  Mike Cook  Justin Arias
 Stone T  AA/FA  Mikio Yoshioka  Mikio Yoshioka
 Safford, Gaide & Ratican “Sour Sisters”  AA/FD  Denton Tosdevin  TBA
 Abbott & Spickler AA/FD  John Abbott, Jr.  John Abbott, Jr.
 Ike Iacono Dragster  Pat Ganahl  Pat Ganahl
 Soapy Sales II  AA/FD  Scott Krenzer  Scott Krenzer
 Don Bowman AA/FD  Don Bowman  TBA
 Imposter AA/FD  Andi Humenik  Andi Humenik
 Gallio Racing AA/FD  Robert Gallio  Robert Gallio
 Green Monster 5 A/D  Jon Rowley  Jon Rowley
 John Dearmore AA/FD  John Dearmore  TBA
 Magnificent 7 AA/FA  Skip Davis  TBA
 Beebe Bros., Vinson & Sixt AA/FD  Matt Nausin  TBA
 Beaver Hunter II AA/FA  Robert Pritchard  Jeff Pritchard
 Pesek & Lucas AA/FD  Jim Burgess  Larry Brown
 Beebe Bros. & Sixt AA/FD  Matt Nausin  TBA
 Shumbert & Herbert AA/FD  Ron Johnson Family Racing  TBA



Personalities, Characters
and/or other Drag Racing Royalty

 Ed "The Ace" McCulloch

  Kelly Brown

  "Gentleman Joe" Schubeck

 "TV Tommy" Ivo

 Marvin "Who" Graham

 Bob "Floyd" Muravez

Linda Vaughn

 Don Prudhomme

 Herm Petersen

 "Fast Jack" Beckman

Tommy "Watchdog" Allen

Richard Tharp

Mike Salinas

Ed Iskenderian

Bob Brandt

Don Hampton

Harry Burkholder

Harry Hibler

Tom Prock

Steve "Hook" Gibbs

Cory McClenathan

Butch Leal

Roland Leong

Don Long

Dave McClelland

Paula Murphy

Sherm Gunn

Gary Read

Dan Richins

Al Segrini

Kenny Youngblood

Don Ewald

Jimmy Scott

Jerry Bivens

Bob Noice

Shirley Shahan

Merek Chertkow

Larry Sutton

Bill Schultz

Ed Pink

Spider Razon

Mendy Fry

Grandaddy Joe Smith

Ron Rivero

Dennis Holding

Sam Davis

Al Teague

"Wild Bill" Shrewsberry

Brad Anderson

David Pace

Walt Stevens

 Bill Maropulos

Jerry Kugel

Kenny Logan

Bones Balogh

Mike Cook

Bill Tidwell

Vance Hunt

Frank "Hawk" Harris

"Waterbed" Fred Miller

Tom Larkin Jr.

 Larry Bowers

Larry Ofria

Nick Paciulli

Harlan Thompson

Rahn Tobler

Frank Bradley

Larry “Okie Smoker” Brown

David Densmore

Tom Cirello

Butch Leal

Tom Ridings

Gary Densham

Jim Fox

Jeep Hampshire

Ronnie Hampshire

Tom Hoover

Don Prieto

Mallicoat Brothers

Gerry Glenn

Yuill Brothers



Exhibition Cars

Troy Glenn's "Over The Hill Gang" AA/FA

Eily Stafford-Day Killer Crower A/FD

Kazanjian Lemon and Konno NFC

Nitro Cowboy NFC Dennis Swearingen

Randy Bradford AA/FA

Stormy Byrd " Revolution" A/FMR

Rich Guasco's "Pure Hell" AA/FA

Leon Fitzgerald Pure Heaven II AA/FA

Jerry Espeseth '69 Camaro "Atlas" NFC

Larry Oryall's "Chevado"

Champion Speed Shop N/TF dragster

ke Iacono Classic / Pat Ganahl

Hough family "Nanook" AA/FA

Gary Turner Pedaler AA/FC

Hemi Under Glass - Mike Mantel

Ron Hope - Rat Trap AA/FA

"Tuna Tank" A/A Dave McClelland

“Potvin Doug” Peterson

Tom Mardis Comp Coupe

Moseley & Young A/AA

Bobby Cottrell FA


Frank Dade with Gary Rasche's "Smoke on the Water" Top Fuel Hydro


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Lou Hart

Bob Brown

Dan Kaplan

 Jamie Shores Fraijo

Pam Conrad

Jerry Garrison

 Bob Barry

 Darrell Conrad

 Kurt Borden

Chuck Stanfill

Dave Parker

Jim White

Marc Gewertz

Joel Gelfand

Ken Hughes

 David Paine

 Jim McCraw

Wes Gelfand

 Dave Kommel

Rick Shute

Howard Koby

Thomas Naccarato

Kim Fuller

 C.J. Cooper

Doug Adams

Nitro Reports Video

Stephan Szantai

Annie Proffit

 Randy Herpel

 Dawn Possman


 Media Requests



Book your rooms now while there are some left. Out Host Hotel is SOLD OUT. We are suggesting for anyone still looking for rooms to look in Monrovia, Arcadia, West Covina, Covina ad San Dimas.

We would like you to bring your rigs directly to the track if possible. Would like to get as many Cackle cars in on Friday as possible. Gonna have the In-N-Out Cookout unit at the track Friday evening.



Race Director/Producer

Steve Gibbs

Merchandise & PR

Cindy Gibbs


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