Through the extreme efforts of Laguna Seca's Brad Littlefield and Melvyn Record along with some compromises by Steve Gibbs, a first time Top Fuel fire-up and Drag Racing celebrities "meet and greet" event took place on the historic Cannery Row, a very exclusive piece of real estate on the Monterey peninsula.



Driving down into Cannery Row tells you this is not your garden variety tourist trap.




After paying $20 to park we ventured down to the venues which were not far away. Cannery Row is not a big area.




The Intercontinental Hotel was impossible to miss as were the current occupants of its front entrance lot. Garlits Swamp Rat III-B, Steve Andersen's Tom Hoover car and Ed "the Ace" McCulloch's '32 Victoria.






Sharon, Don Ewald and Bob Barry



Jerry Ruth, Richard Tharp, Kelly Brown and Bob Muravez


Garlits, Sonny Messner and Walt Stevens.


The Garlits'


Ruth. Garlits. Tharp and Dunn


Steve and Gordy arriving. A welcome sight.


The first hour or so was mingling and friends catching up. All the while, more and more special guests and fans rolled in.







McCulloch, Brandt, Dunn, Graham, Petersen, Gibbs, Tharp and Ruth. More than a few stories here.


Don Hampton and Big Daddy were added to the mix.


Gibbs family photo as ID'd by Steve:. Gavin Tingey (Kayla’s boyfriend), Kayla Rask (Stephanie’s oldest daughter), Troy Kinder (Stephanie’s husband), Gordy, Stephanie Gibbs Kinder. (Our youngest daughter who lives in Murray, Utah), Steve, Debby Gibbs (Our middle daughter who lives in Coarsegold, CA) and Kami Rask (Stephanie’s youngest daughter). It was a priorty to Steve to have the family here as it should have been for so many reasons.


Steve and Gordy with the legendary Red Greth who's Speed Sport roadsters inspired Gibbs' love for orange.


Local TV was on hand to interview Garlits and tape the fire-up. Great coverage.







A little after 5 Sonny climbed in and Garlits primed the engine.




A whole bunch of new ears, noses and eyes were introduced to nitromethane.









Fowling the fire-up everyone was invited to the autograph session with the attending members of the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame in the courtyard overlooking Monterey Bay.







The line for autographs was constant for what seemed like a very long time.





























Kol Johnson took the whole autograph deal a step further using his Nitro Revival shirt as a walking talking poster.









Following the autograph session the hand picked Q&A panel took their place at the head of the courtyard. Kelly Brown, Bill Schrewsberry, Ed McCulloch, Steve Gibbs, Bob Muravez and Rich Guasco. Mike Dunn was the MC.



For the most part Dunn kept in PG with a lot of insider jokes and innuendos. Great stories with a lot of laughs.







Things got even better when Isky showed up and that meant Garlits had to join in.




The "Free Cam" story was told by both sides with not much memory loss. Very funny.






Many stayed after the Q&A for more face time. For us it was back to the hotel.




To cap the evening off, Sonny did another fire-up to make sure nobody was going to bed early.


As a parting shot we offer this incredible shot of 97 year old Ed "Isky" caught on one of the two custom bikes that graced the sound stage. Drag bike historian John Stein brought his restorations of classic Top Fuel bikes Stage Fright and King Rat. Isky walked by after King Rat was loaded up, and he was happy to swing a leg over the Stage Fright twin-engine Triumph upon request. Melvyn Record Photo.



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