Charles Myers, former Marketing guy for NHRA is strip manager shown here with Gibbs.


Mark Breznay, who worked for Steve on the NHRA Safety Safari, made the trip out from Florida to see his old friend along with the Gibbs girls.


Easy to find, TV Tommy


Two hall of famers reliving 60 years of friendship, Ed "Isky" Iskenderian and Red "Speed Sport" Greth.



Tom Jobe and Bob Higginson


Joe Schubeck and Mendy Fry


We think the surprise appearance of the day was Al "Mousie" Marcellus who has been dealing with health issues for the last couple of years. He has not made any public appearances until NR3. He has been missed and we are so glad he chose our event to get out of the house so to speak.


Lee Littlefield and Larry Sutton


Some 17 years ago Alicia Stirling was the first female to win a Nostalgia Top Fuel race, in Tucson, driving a car built by her father, Rob Stirling. At least one of those younger gals is a daughter, and possibly both, though I can't identify.


Walt Stevens and Joel Gruzen


Joel Gelfand and Dave Wallace Jr.


Pat Galvin and TV


Cole Coonce camera in hand.


Evil Joe Schubeck


Adam Sorokin "The Thinker"


Don Prieto pretending to work.


Dave McClelland & Lew DeLew


Larry Ofria, Schubeck & Isky


Don Ewald and Ron Rivero who raced each other in the late 60's.


Start 'em young...



Ed Pink and Tom Hoover



Joe Walla interviewing Brad Littlefield for his upcoming "Legends of Speed" videocast,


Larry Sutton getting a feel for the Rupert Eagle Electric car.



Ed Pink and Harry Hibler



Hunt, Gibbs and Dan Richins


The Vipe in thought...


Joe Smith, famed fuel Harley rider.


Go to safety guy, Don Irvin who will be sorely missed at the two NHRA reunions. After years of running their safely crews it seems a certain lawyer in Glendora didn't think he was worth a raise on his contract. This is not something the racers wanted to hear. Another huge mistake on her part.



Joe Schubeck and Mendy Fry


Glen Menard, former Irwindale Manager for Doner and Richard Tharp


Boogie gives a whole new meaning to the word "flopper"; <Ivo Grin>



Red Greth with his legendary Speed Sport Special A/FMR


Vance Hunt and Joe Schubeck


Bob Barry and Don Ewald


Howard, Graham & Brown ... could be a law firm.


Randy Winkle and Stormy Byrd - the Dynamic Duo



Matt Nausin getting a trial fit to get cackled in Jim Brissette's Bomb.


A confused Ivo between his first Buick dragster and his last early hemi car.


Kol Johnson, TV and Don Prieto


Jim Brissette


" You talkin' to me?"


Veteran car and boat drag racing photographer Jim Phillipson.


Pam Conrad and Joel Gruzen playing the decades old $20.00 bill game.


Kol Johnson giving some love to the Ivo Barnstormer.


Pam Conrad, Dan Kaplan and Bob Higginson bringing the Skinner, Crosser & Jobe into the lanes for the Line of Fire.


Speaking of the Higginson car, Muravez just can't help himself when it comes to jumping into a seat.


"Nitro Kevin" made the most of his VIP entry.


Larry Sutton, Jess Sturgeon, Herm Petersen


Ex funny car owner/driver Bob Barry who's cars were named Rolling Thunder in the 70's approved of the spoiler on the Littlefield & Rupert NFC.


Larry with son Robert.


Don Johnson who was one of the original Winged Express crew and Mousie Marcellus


Kimberly Gaide got a fire up in the MagiCar.


Cindy's cousins. Daughters of her moms older sister, Helen. Her first best friends. Kay Obrymski, Vivian Holcomb and Gloria Pelletterra


John Peters, Herm and Floyd


Mike Boyd


Lou Hart and John Force, sorta.


Steve and Sonny


Joel Gruzen, Julie and Jerry Bivens, Marvin and Rabbit


High Speed Motorsports in the staging lanes. Tom Shelar, Mendy Fry, Donnie Ho, Jake Dungan, Adam Sorokin, Walt Stevens, Rick Shelar, Eric Morrow, Eric's nephew, Mario Campos, Nick San Angelo. Lot of talent in this shot.


Steven and Justin Arias



Tom & Betten Hoover


National Dragster photog Marc Gewertz had a weekend off so what did he do?


Todd Fields, Berlin Higginson, Bob Higginson “Cackle Driver for Hire” John Strom, Vicki Higginson and Tom Jobe.



Bob McLennan, who made sure we had a Welcome Center tent also brought his Champion Speed Shop NTF car to make exhibition runs.


Brenda Rupert and Tom Hoover


Sonny getting ready for his push start.



Isky and Orah Mae Millar


Roland Kleinsorge & Tommy Allen


Sam Chastain with his Iron Horse AA/FD


Danny "Buzz" Broussard and Tom Jobe


Kimberly Gaide, daughter of Don Gaide has more energy than the law allows. Not sure how many seats she had on Saturday but it was more than three.


Corrine Phillips, Bill Pitts and Connie Braun who is the late Ron Johnson's daughter and major player in the cacklecar world.


Top row, left to right.
John Strom the driver substitute for Jeep. Vince Yamasaki. The brains behind the operation. Corrine Phillips and John Phillips. John is Bills Dear friend since 3rd grade. And provides more brains! John and Corinne will have the Caspary, Stokey, Hampshire car up and running by the end of the year. Bottom row, left to right. Connie Braun, and Bill Pitts.


Gary Beck with Hairy Burkholder. On the right is Jim Cartright. Per Hairy, "He and his his dad had a '57 Bel Air before he was in High school. He kept it thru college and when he married and had their first child. Then he sold it and I (Hairy) bought and restored it. He tracked me down, we became friends & he asked if I had ever sold it. If not, he wanted me to call him when I was ready. Two years ago I called him, I needed $$$ to finish our new Altered. He bought it and brought it to Nitro Revial 3. Gary Beck bought my 40 Ford pickup. They were both at the revival. Made it very special to have both of my street rods there."


Mousie and Gibbs' right hand man, Alan Miller


Vance Hunt with Joe Schubeck


Petersen, Gibbs & Graham - another law firm.


Ewald and Harley with his Uber driver.



Howard Koby, Joel Gruzen and Dan Kaplan


Don Ratican and Gruzen


Bill Schultz and Gerry Glenn - they made a bunch of history


Stormy Byrd and Lou Hart


Bud and Linda Rasner




The Ace and Nitro Kitty


Brett Johansen, Don Prieto, Justin Arias and John Sousa.


John and Ann Rey Sousa who are key players on Cindy's "crew".


Mike Kuhl, Carl Olson, Bill Schultz, Ed McCulloch and Richard Tharp.



Brian Pain from Denver with Prieto.




H&H - Howard and Hibler


No, I won't share...


Kenny Youngblood and Who


Dave Kommel, Dan Kaplan, Jim White and Doug Adams


Henry Walther and Rick White