"Whoa, take 'er easy there, Pilgrim."



Leading off the cars that wanted to do push starts was the MagiCar owned by Bill Pitts and driven by John Strom.

The cars pushed up the track then came back on the return road to the delight of the fans that lined the fence and filled the stands.














The Dean Engineering AA/FD with its patriotic paint scheme is owned by Jake & Marilyn McCloud who had Jimmy "C" Christiansen in the seat.













The Prentiss Cunningham AA/FD is owned and driven by Robert Contorelli.















Don Cooper was in the Tocco, Harper & Garten AA/FA that is owned by Mike Tocco.









Owner/Driver Don Prieto in his spot-on Tommy Ivo Buick A/D re-creation. This was the first dragster TV Tommy ever drove.








Ed Pink's “Old Master” AA/FD built/owned/driven by Pete Eastwood











The beautiful Larry Huff’s Soapy Sales AA/FD owned by Roland Kleinsorge and driven by its original shoe, Tommy "The Watchdog" Allen.













The popular Yeakel Plymouth Special AA/FD owned by Baney, Rossi & Goebel driven by Paul Rossi.














Ratican, Jackson & Stearns A/FA owned by Ron Stearns & Bill Jackson - Ron Stearns doing the driving.





Bivens & Fisher “Checkmate” AA/FD from the mid 60's restored and owned by Jerry Bivens.













Fred Lear in the Cardoza & Lear Little Blue Coupe







Give us and event and we will come. Cacklecar staple Burkholder Brothers AA/FA owned by Harry Burkholder & Robert Reel with Reel in the seat.











When it comes to a Nitro Revival nobody has more fun than Sonny Messner and his Don Garlits “Swamp Rat 3” AA/FD.

















You have to be old or have a grasp on drag racing history to remember the legendary Howard Cams Twin Bear AA/D restored by Don Johansen, grandson of the original owner Howard Johansen. The car was driven by Jack Chrisman. It will never win a beauty contest but its a classic example of the innovation in the early 60's.













The Eagle Electric AA/FD owned by Frank & Jason Rupert has a great back story that goes back to Nitro Revival 1 at Barona. As a birthday present to his father Frank, Jason purchased the restored 1966 Eagle Electric AA/FD that Frank had driven in the ‘60’s and presented it to him at that event.

Sadly Frank passed away on 01.04.2019 due to complications after going into cardiac arrest.

The resilient Rupert family who are steeped in drag racing history are committed to keeping Frank's memory alive. When this car appears, it is always in memoriam to the husband and father of Brenda and Jason Rupert.

For this event the man the Rupert's put in the seat could not have been better placed. Larry Sutton is the poster child for SoCal drag racing in the 60's and '70's. He did it all. Without writing a book, he was the chief starter at Lions, Irwindale and OCIR; guest starter at countless other tracks. Like the late Buster Couch, if Sutton shut you off, you needed to be shut off. If he was your starter, you were in the best of hands. Starting aside, he also drove myriad race cars from gassers to Top Fuel.

Our NR family is proud to have the Rupert, Littlefield and now Sutton connection supporting our efforts to keep drag racing history alive.