The first exhibition session got off to a bang (actually a bonk) when Eddie Pauling had his burnout in the Lil' Old Whine Maker rear engine Dodge go very wrong.












A new header, some body work and it'll be good as new.




Team Famoso was well represented by Stormy Byrd and Randy Winkle.






Rodney Flournoy in his "Godzilla" was one third of the AA/FA show and the fans loved 'em.






It's always a plus when you can get Mike Boyd to bring the fabled Winged Express out to play.










Mike Halstead continued to shake down Troy Green's Over the Hill Gang AA/FA. Gets better each time out.









Nostalgia Top Fuel was represented by 3 of the best cars in the country leading of with Rick White in the Neal & White car up from San Diego.








The High Speed Motorsports fueler came out with the 2018 NTF World Champion Mendy Fry back in the seat for 2019.







Car owner/tuner Tom Shelar used the track time to make sure the car was ready for an upcoming trip back to Cordova, IL and Bowling Green, KY.

PS. The won both events.




Being an eighth mile track with limited shut down the cars only went about 400' under power.




March Meet winner Adam Sorokin was in the seat of Bob McLennan's Champion Speed Shop SBC car.







Sorokin's 4.03 1/8 mile ET was by far a track record.






Most of the exhibition cars made two hits. Boyd on his afternoon smoker.







Boyd has been known to cross a centerline or two - case in point. What a show!





Brad Littlefield leading Jason Rupert into the water box. Rupert only made one pass in the funny car as he was also dealing with the Eagle Electric AA/FD cacklecar.












The other flopper on hand was the Kazanjian Lemon and Konno Mustang Funny Car driven by Rian Konno.




After his burnout Konno was shut off due to a fuel leak.




Flournoy came back for a second stab.



Even with one dead hole the car left strong.








Rick White came back with a little stouter tune-up.



At the hit it hooked ...



And then it didn't.


Blaze, click




Sorokin and McLennan came back with one purpose in mind, to make the first sub 4 second run on the Irwindale eighth mile.




Following a smooth burnout the Champion car developed ignition issues and Sorokin was forced to idle on through.




Will she be the next one name TF driver? Will it be Mendy? Or Fry? We think Mendy.








Shelar loaded her up


Can you say hook, smoke TIRE SHAKE!








Red Greth didn't bring "Ol' Noisy" from Phoenix just to sit in the pits. Kenton Greth took the Speed Sport roadster for a ride.





Halstead made another hit in the Troy Glenn Over the Hill Gang AA/FA





After being shut off on their first run, Rian Konno went through the water box in the most period correct Mustang NFC car there is.














Don't ask.....










The Hemi Under Glass repop got up but 300' was its limit.