Capping off a Saturday to remember was the NR3 Line of Fire where 24 cars chose to participate for the fans and more so in the loving memory of Gloria Gibbs.


















First in line was Steve Anderson's beautiful Tom Hoover Fish Bowl car with Bob Muravez aka Floyd Lippencott, Jr. in the seat.







Next to Floyd was John Peters' fan favorite "Freight Train" with Brad Peters up.




Don Cooper in the Tocco, Harper & Garten AA/FA




Scorpion V came out with Blake Crosby ready to go.






Brian Pain took the seat in Don Prieto's "Hustler VI" AA/FD




Dan Kaplan traded off his Nikon (to Don Ewald) for the seat in Bob Higginson's Skinner, Crosser & Jobe “Surfers” AA/FD.  Nice trade, Dan.






The seat in Ross Howard's Custom Body Enterprises flopper was filled by dragster guy, Marvin "Who" Graham.





The team of Kuhl and Olson once again answered the cackle call.




Boyd Penington Smog Rat AA/FA had Ron Penington doing the honors.




The Johnson family’s "Tommy Ivo" Barnstormer with none other than Ivo suited up.






Gentleman Joe Schubeck with his AA/FD



Bivens & Fisher Checkmate with Julie Bivens getting the honors.









Next in line was ground zero for cacklecars. Bill Pitts' Winkel, Trapp & Fuller Magicar with John Strom in the seat.





Ed Pink's Old Master with builder/owner/driver Pete Eastwood






Groundshaker Jr. AA/FA owned and driven by Glenn Way.



The Wilton & Doss AA/FD owned by honoree Bubby Wilton had Deyon Young in the seat.


Another premium AA/FA was the Burkholder Brothers with Robert Reel suiting up.




The Baney, Rossi & Goebel "Yeakel Plymouth Special" AA/FD with Paul Rossi in the seat.





Gary Cochran “Mr. C” AA/FMR owned by Steve Poe, Robert Casado & Fred Seay with Robert Casado getting the honors.




Jake & Marilyn McCloud's "Dean Engineering" AA/FD had Jimmy "C" Christiansen in the seat.


Frank & Jason Rupert's "Eagle Electric" AA/FD had the legendary Larry Sutton filling the cage but it was Cami Beck who brought it to its place.


Sutton's Step




Ratican, Jackson & Stearns A/FA owned by Ron Stearns & Bill Jackson with Stearns doing the helmet.





The final car in line was Doug Robinson's "Horsepower Engineering" AA/FD with Doug in the cockpit.





Prior to the order to fire-up from Gibbs, starting with the Tom Hoover car, the crews were asked to back off so line up shots could be taken. Here's the ones we got.


















First to fire and then we had new nitro every 30 seconds!











































































































Until next year....