Presenting, in segments, what will go down as possibly the most epic event in nostalgia/historical is challenging to say the least. As media director I issued an unprecedented 32 credential requests, 30 of which showed up, cameras in hand.

With that fact in mind we feel obliged to offer just the beginning of an extensive review of Nitro Revival 4 starting with images submitted to as requested and not to Face book which is one and done.



Line of Fire the Set-Up


THE SET UP - Presenting and staging an eighth mile of nitro consuming race cars took 20 some minutes. We open the coverage with some candid shots of the early cars as the line moved up track.



































Light the First Pair - LINE OF FIRE 2021


The format this year was changed to accommodate the fans and photogs as well. It was simple and it worked. All crew were behind the cars and most cooperated. The media stayed behind the guardwall and the cars were fired at Gibbs' command, two at a time. Fans could see, photos could catch more cars and the show lasted nearly 20 minutes. EPIC

This is the first installment of shots submitted and as usual, the moths (in this case photographers) are drawn to the flame. Thus the more header fire, the more photos.


First out, first fired. The show led off with Keith Cheng in Mikio Yoshioka's "Stone-T" AA/FA and Bob Muravez in Greg Barta's Tom Hoover "Fishbowl Car".









The Johnson Family's Shubert & Herbert SBC fueler had Christine Griffin in the seat.


No cackle would be complete without Tommy Ivo in the Johnson Family 'Barnstormer"



New owners Mike Elsberry & Tom Clark had the recreated "Flamin Frank" Pedregon AA/MFC out. Mitch Elsberry was in the seat.





Tyler Baney took the seat of the 1963 Baney, Rapp. Lisa & Rossi AA/FD,






Don Cooper was in Mike Tocco's "Tocco, Harper & Garten" AA/FA







A cackle staple the Baney & Rossi "Yeakel Plymouth Spec." had Paul Rossi behind the mask.




"The Surfers" Skinner, Crosser & Jobe car of Bob Higginson had the bubbly Liz Leggett enjoying one of the biggest noise cars in the line up.





BBC powered Freeman & Sons AA/FD had owner Danny Larson in the seat.



Nobody replicates cars better than Roger Lee and for NR4 he brought out his "M&R Special" and put Paul Butler in the cockpit.




Jerry Bivens put his daughter Julie in the seat of his "Checkmate" AA/FD restoration.





Don Prieto took the seat of his "Hustler VI" AA/FD


The Don Hampton SPE car was all Hampton, driver and owner.




Ron Penington lit up the Penington Family "Smog Rat" AA/FA.




No shortage of header flames from the Burkholder Brothers AA/FD with Robert Reel behind the butterflies.







Another cackle regular is Ron Stearns in his "Ratican, Jackson & Stearns" A/FA.


The AA/FA class was well represented including Glenn Way's "Groundshaker Jr" with Dale Krasky in the seat.


More yellow in Bob Pritchard's "Beaver Hunter II" that featured brother Jeff driving.



John Lipori's beautiful "Billy Lynch" fueler had the HOF Al Segrini up.


The legendary "Safford, Gaide & Ratican" Olds powered AA/FD was presented and driven by owner Denton Tosdevin.



The cackle funny cars are few and far between but we had two of the best, one being Jim' Shue's restored 1967 "Hell Fire" Corvette. For this event Shue put Frank Pedregon in the seat.




The Anderson Family are very selective as to which events they bring their restored "Vagabond" AA/FD. Third generation Kalli Anderson is more than comfortable in the car.








"Mustache Gang" is a great name for a tribute car surrounded by a bunch of old dogs. Neil O'Kane put Mike Smith in the car for NR4.



There is little dispute that THE "big flame" cacklecar is Bill Pitts' restored 1963 Kent Fuller "Magicar". Along with the Vagabond this was one of the ground breaking cacklecars in 1999. Of late the seat has been occupied by John Strom.








NHRA champ Rob Bruins was in the John Wiebe "Violin Car" owned by Don Love & Lynn Bruch. This was the first of two Wiebe cars.





Terry Mastrejuan was firing on all 8 in his "Thunderchief" AA/FD




A car that got a lot of attention over the weekend was the Mike Kuhl car owned by Lynn Rose Kuhl and driven by Eddie Woods, the son of the late Daryl Woods.






Fan favorite "Freight Train" Top Gas car of John Peter's had son Brad in the seat.


The second Kansas John Wiebe car is owned and driven by Wayne Patrick.


David Culp's real-deal "Warren, Coburn & Miller AA/FD with Tom Bristow doing the honors.




In what seemed like a never ending roar of nitro next up was the "Wilton & Doss" AA/FD driven by Deyon Young and owned by Bubby Wilton.


"Gentleman Joe Schubeck " AA/FD presented by the Petersen Museum.





Another magnificent restoration is the "Tony Nancy Sizzler" car owned by John Neas who put the legendary Harry Hibler in the seat.





Tulsa based John Neas owns several of the nicest top fuel restorations in the world. The newest horse in his stable, and making its debut here was the "K&G Speed Associates" AA/FD with original driver Ron Rivero taking the seat.




John Dearmore brought his beautiful AA/FD out from Texas. Allen Webb  got the seat time. If you want to jump right into the A list of cacklecars, this race ready car is for sale.





Nobody has supported Nitro Revival more than Oklahoma's Ross Howard. Every year, first entered... always there to do a promo. His Prock approved "Custom Body" Challenger is a fan favorite and along with his Okie crew chief, Larry "Okie Smoker" Brown he has his Okie friend Marvin "Who" Graham in the seat. Nice guys all.





With the end in sight, the patriotic "Dean Engineering" AA/FD had Jim Christensen in the seat for the McCloud Family.




The next to last car was the "M/T Pockets" car of John Landry made its noise with M.J. Landry in the seat.



The final car was the "Pesek & Lucas" had issues and did not fire. But owner Jim Burgess and driver Larry "Okie Smoker" Brown were right there to catch the awe of an amazing fireworks show.



We'll close with a few post LOF shots. Looking forward to receiving a second batch of event photos from the many media who were in attendance.
















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