Nitro Revival is now legendary for attracting record numbers of Personalities, Characters and/or other Drag Racing Royalty. More than a few fans came for this once in a lifetime gathering of our sports history knowing some will not be here in 2022,

We now present photos from the session that lasted over 2 hours. Due to a scheduling conflict, most of the photogs were out on the track shooting the exhibition runs, push starts and some of the classes. Lucky, a few chose the tent and the real history. Enjoy and remember.


The Champion Speed Shop hospitality tent served as the center of activates and was perfect for the massive autograph session.



Fans Brought it and The Stars Signed it

These photos are in a random order, some stars got more coverage than others and some were missed completely. We apologize for that, it was the shooters eyes.


Who better to lead off with that the First Lady of Motorsports, Linda Vaughan who was early the first at the table selling her latest book.


Royalty abound, LV was book ended by Kenny Youngblood and Isky.


Isky at 100. Passed on CHRR but was front and center at NR4. He was parked next to one of our event sponsors Larry Ofria.


The Vipe


Tom Hoover, Tom Ivo and Ronnie Hampshire. This trio made a lot of trips down the quarter mile.


Dan Richins and Steve Gibbs


Sherm Gunn, Cory McClenathan and Dave Settles


Bob Brandt, Don Ewald and Rob Bruins


Mike Jones, Gary Mallicoat, Jerry Mallicoat, Brad Anderson


Joe Schubeck and Hoover


Shirley Shahan and Bob Muravez


Bones Balogh


Cory Mac and Dave Settles



Brad Anderson, Shirley and Floyd


Shrewsberry and Prudhomme


Herm Petersen, Larry “Okie Smoker” Brown and Marvin Graham




Isky and his right hand gal, Dawn Cude


Richins, Gibbs and Carl Swift


Ed Pink, Butch Leal and Bob Brandt


Leroy "Doc" Hales and Shrewsberry


Simon Menzies, Vance Hunt and Al Segrini



NR21 Honoree Sherm Gunn


LV and Blood


Dennis Holding, Spider Razon and Jim Fox




Richard Tharp, Rahn Tobler. Ed "The Ace" McCulloch and Ed Pink








Holding & Fox


Ron Rivero, Tharp, Tobler, Ace and Pink








Hoover, Ivo, Ronnie Hampshire, Don Gaide




Segrini, Tom Prock and Dave Jeffers


Don Hampton and Merek Chertkow







Harry Burkholder




Larry Bowers











Bill Schultz and Gerry Glenn, what a team they were.













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 All-Star Autograph Session

 Nitro Exhibition Runs

 Nitro Push Starts





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