This is segment three which features the nitro cars who came to support Gibbs et al on their own dime. These cars are classic examples of a love for drag racing at its current core. We appreciate them beyond words.

Here are photos from the few photographers who chose to contribute to our coverage. They will be grandfathered into Nitro Revival 2022 which will have a much smaller media pool.



Shortly after the Nitro Revival concept became reality with the announcement of #1 at Barona in 2017, one of the first to come on board with their support was Bob McLennan and the Jim McLennan Drag Racing Foundation. On top of financial support and supplying the event centerpiece tent Bob has brought out his Champion Speed Shop nostalgia top fuel dragster, driven by Adam Sorokin, to not only display but make exhibition runs. Bob walks the walk and we sincerely appreciate his continued support.








Sorokin made two attempts at resetting his record set in 2019, but obviously had too much horsepower for what the track had to offer. Nonetheless, great show.






Another four time exhibition supporter was Rian Konno in the Kazanjian-Lemmon-Konno Mustang nostalgia funny car. Like Sorokin's results, the track was not conducive to a solid hook-up. But, the fans loved it.











Jerry Espeseth "Atlas" NFC '69 Camaro. Former owner Jason Rupert supported the Ramona event and new owner, along with Jason Rupert and Brad Littlefield who have attended the next three.













Jeff Bennett at the helm of Leon Fitzgerald's Pure Heaven II AA/FA has also been on board since NR1.











It was a big weekend for Troy and Cheri Glenn. They not only had their Mike Halstead-driven and Bill Schultz-tuned "Over The Hill Gang" AA/FA out for exhibition but they renewed their wedding vows on the starting line on Saturday. Congrats from all of us.
















Vince Mayeda in the "Time Machine" AA/FA got away without smoke. No easy feat here.









Another fan favorite, Ron Hope in his Rat Trap AA/FA













Randy Bradford note: Randy said that he hurt the motor really bad (like $10,000 worth) at the CHRR, so he brought the Bradford AA/FA out for display only. Thus, when asked, he filled the seat in Rich Guasco's "Pure Hell II" when usual driver Brian Hope had a family obligation to attend.















Gabe Brown in the Hart's Texaco 7-11 Coupe dazzled the fans.











More than a few would vote Randy Winkle's "Famoso Speed Shop" BB/FC digger Vette "coolest car". This is yet another in house concept from the Famoso Mob - Winkle and his partner in "lets try this", Stormy Byrd.












Phil Lukens brought out the Blair's Speed Shop Fiat AA/A







Tommy Schifella Vette BB/FC. Like all the others, we thank him for his support.






Rodney Flournoy may have left his Godzilla AA/FA at home but his presence was obvious in the seat of "The Blower Boyz" Pro Mod entry.






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