This is segment four which features classic push starts, the way it was. For those who had no choice but to do them in the day, they are a fond, no an epic memory. Strips like Lions where you staged on a quarter mile road in front of a quarter mile of grandstands, it was part of the show. The fans got to see all the players getting ready to compete. At Lions, a section of the guardrail was opened and two cars were pushed out onto the track.

Here are photos from the few photographers who chose to contribute to our coverage. They will be grandfathered into Nitro Revival 2022 which will have a much smaller media pool.



This page will open with one of the major weekends highlights which came on Saturday when the Johnson's (Kol and Connie) paired their cars up to do a classic push-start to flag start faux drag race. In the Chris Karamesines "ChiZler" was "Fast Jack" Beckman. In the Tommy Ivo "Barnstormer" was Kol Johnson. This is as close to a 1963 Lions Saturday night reenactment you will ever see.






Fire the next pair....








Alan Miller directed the lane swap.





At the drop of the flag both cars left together.



Johnson hooked up while Beckman, being Beckman nailed it and went up in smoke... as it should be.









Now that was fun.



We thank and are proud to feature the cars that chose to take advantage of our push start sessions. The fans loved them.


First out was the Burkholder Brothers AA/FA with Robert Reel driving.







John Strom in the seat of Bill Pitts "MagiCar".












Tommy Allen in the beautiful "Soapy Sales" car.










Danny Larson in the Freeman & Sons SBC fueler.







Ron Penington in the "Smog Rat" AA/FA







Jerry Bivens firing his Bivens & Fisher AA/FD










Jessyka Anderson in the Anderson Family "Vagabond"










Ewell, Bell & Stecker AA/FD shoes by Mike Smith









Sonny Messier in his Don Garlits “Swamp Rat 3” AA/FD








For whatever reason, only one shot of Jimmy Christianson in the Dean Engineering AA/FD




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