Nitro Revival is, well, about nitro. We feature the cars that do that thing they do so well. But, this page will share some of those who make all the things happen. The owners, drivers, fans, photographers and staff. Unlike the autograph page, many of the folks here are not household names. Other sites would not acknowledge them at all. We are not other sites. If you're not here, nobody sent a photo. The cars will come again on the next page.



Who better to lead off this page than Geno Gastelum.


Welcome Race Fans


"FAMILY GIBBS".  Justin Arias, Toby Denham, Stan Berry, Steven Arias, Patriarch Hook, Jesse Martinson, Cinders, Kayla Rask, Stephanie Gibbs-Kinder, Debby Gibbs-Lemus, Troy Kinder and Soledad Lemus.


There in memory was Ron "Big Yohns" Johnson


One of drag racings first couples. "Floyd" and "Big Red". aka the Muravez's.


Hook thinking, "WOW"


Ronnie Hampshire and the Cacklefather, Bill Pitts.


Jack Beckman and Tommy Ivo


Jay Carpenter and Danny Brewer


Ronnie Hampshire


There was nothing but people at the In-N-Out Burger food fest on Friday evening. Unlike last time, they came prepared this time... two trucks with extra crews. It was a sea of red and white uniforms. Some are Henry Walther and Yuill Brothers, Mark and Brad.


Henry Walther and Mark Yuill


Don Irvin and Alan Miller taking 5 after a hard Friday at work.


Guess which one is the "Boogie Burger"



Mike Salinas and Robert Reel


Lou Hart - photographer/keeper of history




Dan Kaplan and cousin, Howard Koby


C.J Cooper, Debbie Harris, Gibbs, Dave Kommel and Wayne Lederer


Boogie & Debbie


Glenn Way and Harry Burkholder


“Hot Rod Holly” Ansman


Brian Pain and Don Prieto


Cindy and video master, Les Mayhew


Everybody wanted their photo with the legendary Vance Hunt, even the Vipe.


The one and only Don Long


Cindy & Jesse Martinson


Alan Pinho and Danny Larson


Larry Anderson


Bob Watson , Pat Davis with Patty, Doug and Lori Peterson.


Justin Arias awash in Gibbs orange


Bob Higginson


Bob Brown with the original Bailey "Surfer Scoop"


Dan Kaplan with the mold for the original Bailey "Surfer Scoop"


John Neas brought two of his amazing collection of Top Fuel dragsters out from Tulsa. The Tony Nancy Sizzler and the K&G Speed Associates for its debut.



Harry Hibler


Joel Gruzen and Bob Bradley


Two of the best craftsmen in the business, Pete Eastwood and Corey Conyers




Sky Wallace and Jack Beckman


Connie Braun & Cindy


Liz Leggett


Irene Elsberry, co-owner of the Pedregon Coupe


Deborah Pitts, the Cacklemother


Pete Jensen and Ewald


Honorees Ron Rivero, Kerrey Weekly and Kelley Weekly O’Sullivan, Dennis Holding and Jim Fox


Ron Rivero


Bob McLennan and Geno


Stormy Byrd


The Wallace brothers and Dave Kommel


Sandra & Joe Walla with Holly


Bob Brandt, Jack Beckman and Bob's daughter.


Hook and Vance


Marvin Graham


Jim Brissette


"Kalitta" Rob Flynn and Jeff Arend


Barbara Lee Hogan


Ed Pink with Vance


Lance Larson and Bob Brandt


Pam Conrad, Joel Gruzen and Don Ewald


Al Segrini and Richard Tharp



Butch Patrick aka "Edward Wolfgang Munster" in character during a shoot for The Munsters episode at Lions in 1965 titled "Hot Rod Herman".


Fast forward 56 years, Butch Patrick with the Munster Mobile that he tours with. He's a really cool guy who's really into drag racing and hot rods.


Butch and Bob Barry


Cindy presenting her art work to Tom Hoover


Don Hampton


Stephanie Gibbs-Kinder manning the souvenir booth


Jeep & Ron Hampshire with Vance


Eddie Woods, son of late Daryl Woods with Marvin. Eddie fittingly filled the seat in the Kuhl & Olson car in which his dad was welded to the Kuhl team.


Frank Fedak who drove this car in the day.




Gibbs and Herm Petersen


Rich Guasco


Jason Rupert with Beckman


 Simon Menzies. Jason Galvin and Rahn Tobler


Ross Howard explains the poster: Marvin & I are from the same community in Oklahoma City, what used to be Britton, Oklahoma. He won the Nationals in 1974, about Summer of 1975 he had his car on display @ Ted Ward Automotive in Oklahoma City. The local radio said come see the US Nationals winner. I had my Kodak 110 instamatic, and went to see the car. I took these photos that day, I also picked up one of those Pennzoil SUPERSTAR hero cards. I kept it all these years.So fast forward 46 years... I had it made into a banner for presentation to Marvin @ the Revival. Marvin was blown away with it. We had our usual gathering of hooligans with us when we did so. L-R: WHO, Simon Menzies, Me, Vance Hunt, Larry Brown. Look for the banner hanging at Prieto's if you attend the annual taco party. We had a Chez Who sign made as well, I will find the pic. Marvin was going to cook for us while we were there, so i made him a chef.




Jeep Hampshire


Don Ewald with Joe Schubeck


Dennis Holding and TV


Tommy and Kenny Youngblood


Jim Rossi


"Nitro Kevin" made the most of his VIP entry.


Steve Montrelli and Jim Shue


David Paine and Tom Hoover


Holly and Howard


John Marsh with Vance


Waterbed Fred Miller with Snake


J. Ed Horton with Spider Razon


Merek Chertkow back in a seat


Who and that other Okie


Kenny & Terri Youngblood


Cory Lee with the scoop, Bob with the mold.


Ivo, Bob Barry & Don Ewald


Ross Howard with his Custom Body flopper.


Its not all work...


Mendy Fry and Steve Andersen


Cory McClenathan


Isky, Bones Balogh driving


Pair O' Don's - Irvin & Ewald


Sonny Messner


"Spider" Razon, Don Gaide and Dave Jeffers


Don Gaide and daughter Kimberly


Sharon “Red” Muravez & Geno


Donnie Couch and Pete Jensen


These two could and did drive most anything in the 60's & 70's. Mid-west neighbors Larry Brown from Oklahoma and Richard Tharp from Texas.


"The Anderson's"


Bob McLennan, Henry Walther and Dan Richins


Roger "Riceman" Lee


Justin Arias


Gwen Molly Oakley & Pam Conrad


Event Host Club, The Road Kings were well represented.


There aren't many of the original Road Kings left. Bob Muravez is one of them. The guy in the purple jacket is Ben Curtis past President of Road Kings. He moved out of state and all of these guys are members of a car club from there. Don't know names.


The Hoov


There were a total of 30 "media" in attendance. Here are a few. Chad Cline, Wayne Lederer, Doug Adams,CJ Cooper (his pooch Boogie at his feet). Dave Kommel, Bob Brown and Jim White.


"The Wall"


Tony Thacker


Pan Conrad


Darrell Conrad


Chad Cline and Kurt Borden


Doug Adams


Liz Leggett


Marc Gewertz, Dave Kommel and David Paine


Richard Shute and Lou Hart


I'm closing this page with a shot of Maxine Zewiey with Roger Lee. We lost Max a few days ago and our world is less without her. RIP




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