Presenting, in segments, what will go down as another epic event under the Nitro Revial banner. We now offer just the beginning of an extensive review of Nitro Revival 5 starting with images submitted to as requested and not to Facebook which is one and done.



Personalities, Characters
and/or other Drag Racing Royalty



THE SET UP - It's no secret that many fans come to Nitro Revival to partake in the largest legends autograph session anywhere. It seems fitting to open the event coverage with those who were part of the history we celebrate.


Linda Vaughan


John Force

Don Prudhomme

Vance Hunt

"TV Tommy" Ivo

Steve Gibbs

Charlie Allen

Richard "The King" Tharp

Marvin "Who" Graham

Rob Bruins

Frank Bradley

Dennis Holding

Jim Fox

"Gentileman Joe" Schubeck

Al Bergler

Rahn Tobler

Don Ewald

Kenny Logan

Ed Pink

Herm "Northwest Terror" Petersen

Kenny Hirata

Gerry "The Hunter" Glenn

"Wild Bill" Shrewsberry

Gary Beck

"Waterbed Fred" Miller

Simon Menzies

Dan Richins

Brad Anderson

Kenny Youngblood

Maurice "Spider" Razon

Jim Walther

Gary Southern

Stan Adams 

Ron Attebury

Jim London

Tom Cirello

Larry "Okie Smoker" Brown

Don Gaide

Bob "Floyd" Muravez

Carl Swift

Larry Bowers

Bones Balogh

Steve Porter

Merek Chertkow

Dave Jeffers

Art Carr

Danny "Buzz" Broussard

Gary Mallicoat

Danny Thompson

Alan Miller

Harry "Handgrenade" Hibler










































Friday evening, after a day of load ins, set ups and bench racing, the now traditional IN-N-OUT burger on site rigs had lines forever.


Gibbs doing what he does well, herding cats for the IN-N-OUT dinner service.




Our Aussie friends Ross and Jude Preen were all in.



Spider Razon, Dave Jeffers and Don Prieto having a burger chat.


Dave Densmore, Joyce Wynne (Bill’s ex), Susie Arnold (Dale Armstrong’s widow) and Dave Kommel,


Dale Pulde and Leigh Buttera.



McClelland - Schultz Celebration of Life
Geno Honored


Following the two truck IN-N-OUT food fest, family, friends and fellow racers filled the McLennan Foundation Hospitality Tent to remember and celebrate the lives of two giants of the sport, who passed away during the previous year.

Bill Schultz was a racer's racer, who had huge success in most everything he touched. From Top Gas in the 60's, Top Fuel in the 70's, and 80's, and Big Show Funny Cars in the 90's. He was local boy made good, as his racing career began at the nearby old San Gabriel strip. As the leader of the famed "Over The Hill Gang," Bill was inducted into the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame in 2015.

Dave McClelland was the most recognized voice in drag racing for over four decades. Even today, fans and racers alike continue to acknowledge Dave, and the late Steve Evans, as the finest and most influential broadcast duo drag racing ever experienced. Dave was more than a race announcer...he was the established Master of Ceremonies at all special motorsports events. His loss has been felt far and wide, and it's doubtful anyone can ever fill his shoes.

Added to the mix was a surprise, well deserved recognition of Eugene "Geno" Gastelum who has served, mostly in the shadows, the sport of drag racing for over 50 years. A special "Wally" trophy was presented to Geno on behalf of fans and friends.

As part of Welcome Night, this was a planned event by the Nitro Revival staff in cooperation with the families of those honored, and all in attendance were welcomed. Here are some photos that hopefully capture the laughs, tears and respect of the event.


Prior to the 7pm start time, the McLennan Foundation Hospitality tent filled rapidly.



Tom Cirello and Don Gaide


Sky Wallace with Robin Millar and ?????


Herm Petersen and Ross Gallagher


Drag racing's first couple, Bob and Sharon Muravez.


Don Prieto and Danny Broussard secured their seats early.


Photogs Paul Hutchins and Bob Brown


Vance Hunt


Cynthia Silverman and Nancy DeMott


Bob Brandt and Dale Pulde.


Troy and Cheri Glenn with Stormy Byrd


Richard Tharp, Bob Muravez, Donny Couch, Greg Sharp and Don Gaide.



The celebration of life was opened by MC Jack Beckman.


Beckman brought on Steve Gibbs who introduced a surprised Gene "Geno" Gastelum.


Gibbs did a masterful job of honoring Geno. Many didn't know the story of his 50+ year hands on involvement in drag racing. He spent many years with NHRA and also took a lot of classic drag racing photos, mostly in Northern California.



After the accolades, Steve stunned Geno with a long overdue Wally. His emotions were palpable and everyone in attendance was emotional as well. Well deserved our friend.



Beckman then introduced the irrepressible and ageless Bob "Floyd" Muravez to share his memories of the late Bill Schultz.




"Bob, you ran over your 10 minute time limit by a day".


The names "Schultz & Glenn" graced many a dragster, both top gas and top fuel. The Glenn half of the lasting partnership was Gerry "The Hunter". No remembrance to Bill would be complete without the memories of Gerry.




A now now-retired Greg Sharp knew Dave McClelland very well and was the perfect host to honor Big Mac.


First up was K J Jones who is an automotive journalist, has been tech editor of several Mustang and Ford publications and is currently Sr. Editor of Hot Rod. Very close friend of Dave McClelland.



Betty Annin, widow of “Diamond Jim” Annin


Dave McClelland’s kids; Kevin McClelland, Melissa McClelland Knight, Michael McClelland




L-R: Brittiney McClelland, daughter-in-law of Mike McClelland, Dave’s widow Louise McClelland, and Mike’s daughter Sara McClelland.