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Light the First Pair - LINE OF FIRE 2022


The format this year was the same as last, meant to accommodate the fans and photogs alike. It was simple and it worked. Photographers had difficulty in keeping up with the pace of the fire-ups, so some Line of Fire participants did not receive proper coverage. We apologize.

Here are the best of useable shots submitted and as usual, the moths (in this case photographers) are drawn to the flame. Enjoy, our beloved fans.


First car to fire was Mikio Yoshioka’s “Stone T” with Keith Cheng in the seat




Then it was Bob Higginson’s " Skinner, Crosser & Jobe" AA/FD driven by Katie Stewart.







No blower, no problem. The “Hooligan” A/FD owned by Calvin Smith, of Glasgow, Kentucky. Driver is son Stephan Smith. This was Carl Olson's first car.


Doug’s Headers Corvair AA/FC owned by Paul Brown who came out from Illinois. He had Jack Beckman in the seat.


Next in line was the beautiful Pat Foster creation of Flamin’ Frank Pedregon - AA/FCoupe owned by Mike Elsberry & Tom Clark (Arizona) and Mitch Elsberry in the seat.





Moving on it was the Custom Body Enterprises AA/FC owned by Ross Howard from Oklahoma, tuned by Larry "Okie Smoker” Brown, and driven by Marvin "Who" Graham. This beauty has appeared at all 5 Nitro Revivals.




Another regular is the Newhouse Special AA/MFR owned by Joel Gruzen and his son David at the controls. This beauty is for sale.




Mike Kuhl's epic AA/FD (Kuhl & Olson) owned by Lynn Rose Kuhl with Eddie Woods in the seat. This is also a 5 time vet of NR.







Moving up the row it was The Mustache Gang AA/FD owned and driven by Neil O'Kane.





This is the long wheelbase Leibundgut Spl. AA/FD owned and driven by Tom Leibundgut.



Next was the 1971 Kansas John Wiebe AA/FD owned and driven by Wayne Patrick.






Arguably the most beautiful player in the field was the Tom Hoover "Fishbowl Car" owned by Greg Barta, of Warsaw, Minnesota, who put the legendary Bob "Floyd" Muravez in the cockpit.







Safford, Gaide & Ratican Olds powered A/FD owned and driven by Denton Tosdevin.




Meyer Special AA/FD owned by John Landry with M.J. Landry in the seat.


Another AA/FA in the field was Tocco, Harper & Garten. Owner Mike Tocco put Dale Lewis in the seat.




Next was the restored "Hell Fire" Corvette owned by its original owner Jim Shue. Tuned by Steve Montrelli, Jim put Frank Pedregon in the seat.




A sequential real deal Jr. Fuel dragster is the Cracklin' Rose owned by Neil O'Kane who put his wife Melissa in the seat.


Yet another famous early funny car is the Russ Davis Ford Mustang of Gas Ronda. This classic is owned by Brent Hajek with Deric Staggs in the seat.



Moving up it was the "Gold Digger" owned by John & Joan Mueller who put John Lenko in the cockpit.





The beautiful Billy Lynch fueler, owned by John Lipori. Steven Arias in the cockpit.


Another NR staple is the Yeakel Plymouth Special, owned by Baney & Rossi with driver Paul Rossi supplying the flames.





Following its later brother was the Baney, Rapp, Lisa & Rossi car owned by Frank Baney with son Tyler Baney in the seat.




Another world class car was the real deal "Creitz & Donovan" AA/FD owned by Oklahoman John Neas who has the finest personal collection of vintage FEDs in the country. And, how about the legendary Richard Tharp in the seat.


Always in the hunt for best header flames is the Woody tribute car "Thunder Chief", owned and driven byTerry Maestrejuan.






Another flame master is the Burkholder Bros. AA/FA ownd by Harry Burkholder with Robert Reel in the seat.






A crowd favorite from the very beginning, the Winkel, Trapp & Fuller Magicar AA/FD. Bill Pitts, owner and godfather of cacklecars, had John Strom in the cockpit.







The Waterman & Hampshire “legs under” AA/FD owned and driven by Ron Hampshire.


The car with the WOW factor was the Caspary, Stokey & Hampshire AA/FD owned by John Phillips who put everybody's favorite Aussie, Ross Preen in the seat.



You don't see too many gold blowers but here you go. This is the Blaylock & Johnson AA/FD restored, owned, and driven by the talented Brant Inglis, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.




Nearing the end was the "Beaver Hunter II" owned by Nolan Pritchard & Sons with Jeff Pritchard in the seat.


Gotta love the “Groundshaker, Jr” AA/FA owned by Glenn Way who put Dale Kraskey in charge of the throttle.




Down from Denver was the Spickler Automotive - AA/FD owned and driven by Kenny Schell.


Jerry Bivens' "Bivens & Fisher Checkmate" with Julie Bivens in the seat.


Closing the show was the "Imposter” AA/FD. built, owned and driven by Andi Humenik. Using a tune up based on the BankAmercar he was one of the stars of the show. Six minutes of FLAMES.






With the Imposter still belching flames the firework show lit up the Irwindale sky.





And just like that, it was over. The sweet smell of nitro lingered in the air and the teams were visiting before the exit stage right act began.









I'm a very happy girl. Great job Cinder.








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