Lisa and Don were set up early looking forward to a huge cackle and book sale weekend. Both left very happy with everything.



Alan Miller, Dunn, Geno, Ewald and Bob Lawson from Team Kalitta.



Sonny Messner, Jerry Ruth, Don Ewald, Garlits and Steve Gibbs.



Hook n' Big



Ruth, Sonny and Don



Harley driving in.



Rich "Pure Hell" Guasco and Don "Wavemaker" Prieto.






Garlits and Isky exchanged books, each signing the others.








Gordy and Steve roll in on Friday.



Ed "The Ace" McCulloch



Mike Dunn, Alan Miller and Melvyn Record



Jeep Hampshire and Harry Hibler



Max Romero and Dennis Holding



Bob Brown explains this photo: "I see Ed McCullough talking with this older bearded guy and a younger fellow. I want to get a pic of Ace in his element, so I shoot a few of the three of them in conversation.

Pretty soon I get welcomed into the conversation by Ed, and I try to let the bearded gent know that he’s talking to someone who’s quite important- the Ace! The bearded guy then pauses and asks me if I know the story about how Ed acquired the moniker of “Ace”. I said no, and he then proceeds to tell me that back in the day, he and Ed were sitting around trying to figure out a nickname for Ed to counter Jerry (The King) Ruth. He said to Ed, “What tops a King in a deck of cards”? An Ace of course! He then introduces himself as DRI member Jim Cooper whom I had hoped to meet someday. His son CJ and his trusty Bassett Boogie were with him.




Brendan Murry and Kol Johnson



Jeep Hampshire and Kenny Logan



Photog Ken Sanders turns race car driver.



The legendary Red "Speed Sport" Greth



Jim Igge and Mike Sassa, a team that has endured time. Jim was the driver, Mike was the tuner and together they fielded many successful race cars under the "Sons of the Rising Sun" banner. They included Jr. Fuel cars, Top Gas and ProComp rear engine dragsters dating back to the late 60's.



Mike Dunn and Roger "Riceman" Lee



Floyd Lippencotte Jr.



Ross Howard and Marvin "Who" Graham



Kenny Logan



Harley fan, Bob Berry (Ewald photo w/Bob's camera).



Leeza and Jeff Diehl



Jason and Jennifer Rupert



Ex-Div 7 Tech Director Cloy Fitzgerald and Alan Miller



Tom "The Surfers" Jobe



Harley being bored.



Walt Stevens with Patti and Don Prieto



Pat Coyle



John "Freight Train" Peters



Harry "The Sandman" Hibler





Sonny with GiGi and Joe Schubeck



Nitro Revival Media Director Don Ewald



"Ok Dad, stop hammin' for the camera and give me a biscuit."


"That's what I'm talkin' about!"



The Boss and Big



This was a family affair. Stephanie and Debby Gibbs had the Nitro Revival merchandise booth under control.






Ross and Jude Preen won the long distance award. They came from Australia to attend their second Nitro Revival.


Ross and Dan Kaplan



Gibbs on the go.



Sam "Iron Horse" Chastain



Bob Bradley



Joe "Da Kingz" Walla



Burkholder Bros. AA/FA with Robert Reel



Dellie Reath





Brendan Murry with Don Bowman



Walt Stevens and John Peters



Cindy and Jerry Ruth



Dave Uyehara



Goodguys PR director, John Drummond



Cole Coonce and wife/top fuel driver Mendy Fry



Ace photog, Bob Brown



Buzz Baylis and Jim McCraw



Connie Braun getting into her late father's (Ron Johnson) Tommy Ivo car. Brother Kol helping out.



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International Hotel "Nitro Night" Cannery Row

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