For you Nitro Revival attendees - The good folks at the Lions Automobilia Facility/Lions Drag Strip Museum have arranged to be open just for you on Friday, November 4, from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m. Discounted admission fee - $10 (regular fee $16) Here's your chance to visit Rick Lorenzen's fabulous facility! Visit their website for directions.



McClelland, Schultz To Be Honored Before Start of Event at Irwindale Dragstrip


IRWINDALE, Calif. - Before Nitro Revival begins its annual two-day celebration of drag racing's Golden Age at the Irwindale Dragstrip, founder Steve Gibbs announced that it will pause to honor two recently departed Hall of Fame inductees who helped transform the sport during an era in which it enjoyed its greatest popularity. The gathering is being conducted in cooperation with The McClelland and Schultz families.

At 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 4, during the In-N-Out Cookout social that precedes the official start of the Revival, Dave McClelland and Bill Schultz will be remembered for their contributions to the sport's rich history, the former for his work off the track, the latter for his on it.


The boss of the Over the Hill Gang, Schultz was to have been one of the greater San Gabriel Valley legends recognized at this year's event, his connection dating to the '60s when he raced his '39 Chevy at the old San Gabe and Irwindale dragstrips. Later, of course, he graduated to a career as crew chief to a host of champions including Jack Jones, Gerry Glenn, Dale Pulde and Kelly Brown.



"Big Mac," the long-time "Voice of the NHRA," co-host of NHRA television coverage of the sport in the 1970s, '80s and '90s, creator of the Super Chevy Show Series and designated emcee for a myriad of racing-related events, began his career as a track announcer before moving into track management. He was NHRA's first Communications Director before founding his own media and marketing company.



There is no admission charge on Friday, set-up day for Nitro Revival. Guests for The cClelland/Schultz memorial are encouraged to arrive after 5:00 p.m.





A recent very serious accident, occuring while starting a nitro burning engine, has once again made it clear that there is an ever present risk in what we do.

It is our collective responsibility to see that all safety precautions are used - for each and every time a fire-up is conducted. We simply cannot afford a major incident of this nature.

Take time to rehearse your starting procedure. Make yourself a check list.

It is mandatory that you "back down" your engines immediately prior to all nitro engine starts. Have the necessary tools available.

If you encounter any difficulty in starting your engine - GIVE IT UP immediately. Find the problem before further attempts are made.

If you engine does not sound "right" after being fired...SHUT IT OFF! Find the problem.

Don't hesitate to discuss issues with fellow participants.

Highly recommended that drivers have full protective clothing during static starts...including helmets if possible. It makes for a better presentation.

Fire extinguishers must be available at all times when engines are being fired.








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Raffle Winners Will Experience "Golden Age" For Saturday and Sunday Static Starts

IRWINDALE, Calif. - It isn't every day that one has a chance to get behind the wheel of a genuine time machine, but that's the opportunity awaiting two of those attending this November's Nitro Revival V at Irwindale Dragstrip.

Thanks to car owner Bob Higginson of Aliso Viejo, Calif., two "rides" in one of the most iconic vehicles in drag racing lore, the re-created Skinner, Crosser and Jobe "Surfers" Top Fuel dragster driven to so many '60s era victories by Mike Sorokin, will be raffled off during the event.

The winner of each of the "rides" will climb into the cockpit of the front-motored dragster during a static start in the pits, one on Saturday and one on Sunday, the latter in conjunction with "One O'Clock Thunder," the simultaneous fire-up of all vehicles that concludes the two-day celebration of drag racing's Golden Age.

Raffle tickets will be $20 each with the winner's ticket drawn one hour before fire-up each day - 2 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 6, and 12 noon on Sunday, Nov. 7. All funds generated by the raffles will be used for event maintenance.

"The Surfers" dragster, which notably posted low ET and top speed while outlasting a field of 100 to win the 1966 Bakersfield Fuel and Gas Championships, is one of more than 70 fuel cars already committed to this year's event which is sponsored by The McLennan Foundation, Red Line Oil and Good Vibrations Motorsports.

Advance sale tickets for the event are $25 daily or $40 for two days. Participant entry is $60 a day or $100 for the weekend or, if you have a pre-1973 vehicle, it's just $35 for a spot at the Hot Rod Hangout.

Tickets available on-line at



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Stone, Woods and Cook Shine Again in Gas Coupes and Sedans Spotlight

IRWINDALE, Calif. – In the aftermath of World War II, before the Funny Car was even a speck in someone’s fertile magination, gas coupes and sedans were a magnet for a generation of adrenaline junkies who swarmed makeshift tracks across the country during what would become drag racing’s Golden Age.

Outrageously unique vehicles that bore little resemblance to their showroom brethren – or even to each other, gassers were the quickest and fastest stock cars of the time with individual personalities as big as the people who drove them.
This November at Irwindale Dragstrip, in addition to more than 70 vintage nitro-burning Top Fuel dragsters, fuel altereds and Funny Cars, Nitro Revival V also will shine a spotlight on some of history’s most memorable gas coupes and sedans
including the legendary Stone, Woods and Cook Willys that in 1982 was designated “the most famous drag car of all time” by Hot Rod Magazine.

With the help of Bruce Boardman and Outlaw Gassers So Cal, there will be gassers here, gassers there, gassers everywhere; on the track in side-by-side competition and off the track in static displays that highlight the craftsmanship of a marvelous era.

Before the corporate cleansing that transformed beastly beauty into boring billboards, before they flattened the contours and created templates of uniformity, cars like the S-W-C Willys and “Big John” Mazmanian’s Willys helped distinguish drag racing from every other motor sport on the planet.

Those two cars, appearing at Nitro Revival courtesy of Norco, California’s Mike Cook and Philadelphia’s Rocky Pirrone, respectively, will be joined in display by, among others, the Dave Kroona-owned, Minneapolis-based Kroona and Sandberg Anglia and the highly decorated Panella Trucking Anglia from Stockton, Calif.

Also sharing the renaissance moment will be some of the most famous gasser racers of all time including Skip Hess, Gary Mallicoat and International Drag Racing Hall of Famer Robert “Bones” Balogh, who during his career drove for S-W-C and
Mazmanian as well as Joe Pisano.

The competitive portion of the gasser program will feature members of OutlawGassers So Cal along with special guests like Rick Osburn of Appomattox, Va., and his “38 Special” Chevy pick-up and Gene Schwartz of Euclid, Ohio, and his flying ’52 Chevy. To participate, call Bruce Boardman at Outlaw Gassers So Cal at 626-252-0125.

Nitro Revival was created in 2017 as a bridge to another era. It connects race fans of all ages to some of the most iconic vehicles ever constructed and allows them to interact with the people who built, drove and maintained them including Ed Iskenderian, Don “The Snake” Prudhomme, “TV Tommy” Ivo, “Marvin Who” Graham, Ed “The Ace” McCulloch, “King Richard” Tharp and Herman “The Northwest Terror” Peterson, all of whom will participate along with Linda Vaughn and others in a Hall of Fame autograph session on Saturday, Nov. 5.

In addition to exhibition runs, static starts and hours of bench racing opportunities, Nitro Revival V will recognize San Gabriel Valley racing pioneers, many of whom were active at the old Irwindale Raceway and the two incarnations of San Gabriel Raceway. Tickets, now available on-line, are $25 daily or $40 for a two-day admission. It’s $60 a day to race or $100 for both days. Hot Rod Hangout spots for pre-1973 vehicles are $35.







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